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Island Cesspool is a FULL Service cesspool company. We are the experts, so you can rest assured your problem will be solved in timely and efficient manner. We are experienced in both residential and commercial wastewater systems. With 5 offices spanning Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties you will be comforted that there is an Island Cesspool office near you.

Services For Cesspools


Cesspool pumping is recommended when your cesspool is full can not meet the wastewater disposal demands which are being placed on it. By pumping the cesspool and using aeration, chemical treatment, and or natural enzyme treatment you will extend the usefulness of an aging cesspool. We dispose of the waste in a environmentally friendly fashion using only licensed wastewater processing facilities.


Older cesspools loose their ability to drain as the bottom of the cesspool becomes clogged with sludge. Cesspool aeration accomplished by opening the cesspool and driving a long metal pipe into the bottom of the cesspool. The pipe is connected to a high powered air compressor. Air escaping the end of the pipe churns the bottom of the cesspool increasing it’s ability to drain. Can be combined with other services to extend the life of a aging cesspool.

Chemical Treatment

A cesspool chemical treatment is done to dissolve the sludge which has accumulated on the sides and bottom of the cesspool. The sulfuric acid which is dumped into the cesspool breaks down the sludge increasing the ability of the cesspool to drain.

Natural Enzyme Treatment

Cesspools utilize bacterial action to break solids contained in wastewater. The bacterial action can be impeded by commonly used residential and commercial cleaning products which enter through wastewater. Treatment of your cesspool with natural enzymes will help your system breakdown solids more efficiently and increase it’s lifespan.


Like everything, your cesspools will eventually need cleaning. We offer a full range of cesspool cleaning services to extend the life of aging cesspools.

Locate Cesspools

Can’t find you cesspools? You are not alone, cesspool locations are commonly forgotten until there is a problem. Cesspool covers can be located 3′ feet or more under the ground and can be very challenging to find. We can mark it out or uncover your cesspools as needed.


Whether your have a newly constructed building needing cesspools or aging cesspools which you would like to add capacity to, Island Cesspool can handle their installation for you.

Services For Septic Tank Systems


Septic tanks need regular pumping to remove solid waste which has not been broken down by bacterical action. The frequency of pumping will depend on the amount of solids contained in your wastewater and the types and quantity of chemicals and cleaning solutions which enter the septic tank. Chemicals can have negative effect on bacterial action which will result in more frequent septic tank pumping. We dispose of all wastewater in a environmentally sensitive manner to only licensed wastewater processing facilities.

Natural Enzyme Treatment

To reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping, septic tanks can be treated with a natural enzyme which increases the rate of bacterial action breaking down solids quicker. Island Cesspool schedule regular enzyme treatments so you can focus on more important things.

Locate Tanks

Can’t locate your septic tank, leaching field or leaching pool, we can help. It is important when doing any kind of construction or landscaping in your yard to know where the various components of your septic system are. No one wants to find out they build their new deck without access to their septic tank. Whether you need to locate your septic system to maintain it or to accommodate new construction we can help. Our professional serviceman can mark out all components of your septic system to prevent future problems.

Cleaning / Maintenance

Like everything else, septic tanks, leaching fields, and leaching pools need regular cleaning and maintenance. Through regular pumping and treatment with natural enzymes your septic system will last longer and perform better. Out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind.


Island Cesspool can install new septic tanks, leaching fields, and leaching pools for new construction and existing buildings. We are experienced in residential and complex commercial wastewater systems.

Services For Sewers & Drains


Is your sink, shower, or toilet draining slowly? It may be time to clean your sink lines and or sewer lines. Using the latest in sewer snake technology, we can remove any clogs, accumulations, or roots in your sink or sewer pipes.

Locate Sewer Lines

Doing construction or digging in your yard, don’t know where your sewer line runs? Better safe then sorry have Island Cesspool mark out your sewer lines for you.

Video Inspection

Older sewer lines are made of lesser materials which can break or be crushed over time. Tree and shrub roots can grow into seams in your sewer line and cause clogs. Have your sewer line visually inspected before costly repairs or replacements are made.

Installation / Repairs

Island cesspool can install new sewer lines or repair/replace existing sewer lines as necessary.